People are souls. The personality is created by the world and a person’s experience in it. But the soul is created by God, in perfection and eternity.

Nothing can damage the soul. It remains eternally untouched by harm because it is kept safe in God (Love).

You know why people still talk about Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed (peace be upon him), so long after their time on earth? Because these figures could see past the personality. To see the soul of another offers healing - an invitation to lead with the soul instead of the personality.

Personalities can be harmful to both themselves and others. They can be violent, deranged, and even fun. But when the personality learns to serve the spirit, authentic power is reclaimed.* With true vision comes the ability to gift this sight to others. Whether they accept it is their choice, but the offering is never in vain.** 


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Christ Consciousness and Customer Service  

Learning to distinguish between the personality and the soul has been one of the biggest spiritual lessons Kurly Klips has offered me. I think it’s THE spiritual lesson of those called to work in customer service.

When someone is possessed by personality, which is generally rooted in fear...

When they attack my character and say nasty things about my work...

My job, in Christ, as a customer service rep, is to look directly to the soul, parce out the real issue, and offer guidance.


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Clap Back Culture

But it’s hard, because like many of us in our culture, I’ve been taught to fight back. If someone punches you, punch back! If someone shoves you, shove back! If someone curses you, curse back! Yet, responding to violence with violence only creates more VIOLENCE. There’s no healing in it - only revenge.

Jay asked his followers to help break the cycle of violence with loving activism.*** This activism does not involve judgement because judgement is another form of violence.

What is loving activism? When someone treats you less than human, it’s reclaiming your humanity in a peaceful way. It’s doing the same for others when you see them being mistreated. It’s reminding others of their own humanity when they have forgotten.

When conflict arises, love is choosing to see the soul of a person, and if appropriate, offering them a chance to have a loving and honest conversation. If someone doesn’t want to engage on that frequency, love is walking away.

Before I began awakening, I didn’t understand the ways I too would perpetuation emotional violence. My weapon of choice? Intelligence sharpened into a dagger named Shade. And honey, I could throw it like the best of them.

But when thrown, all daggers spiritually boomerang. It’s a weapon of the personality: the small, weak self. The personality battles. The soul sees no fight.


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Soul Vision

To look through the eyes of soul and see abundant love is to awaken.

It includes:

  • Taking a moral inventory of your shortcomings and healing them, rather than projecting them onto others. When seeking healing, it's often helpful to ask for divine guidance. 
  • Knowing the difference between your mistakes and someone else’s.
  • Not judging other people’s mistakes because, let’s get real, we’ve all made them.
  • Walking towards love and away from all that is not.

People are not their personalities. Our true Self is within God - and it is acting and seeing through this Love that we can all feel whole, and joyous, and safe.





*From Gary Zukov’s interview with Oprah

**From A Course in Miracles - actually, this whole essay is basically Jesus / ACIM teachings

***One of the most life changing and important works I’ve ever listened to: The Thing in the Air | part 4 by Rob Bell