Hi Kurlies,  

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I know my November was eventful and I live for the adventure! On Fridays, I got to work at a boutique AND interact with customers in the flesh - THRILLING lol. No, seriously, it was like a brave new world LOL. I also got to visit my 95-year-old grandma and her sister who is 98!!! And I finished reading Michelle Obama's Becoming.

If you watch my Insta Stories, you know one section in the book particularly moved me. It was the section when they were celebrating Christmas in Hawaii and an 18-month-old Malia got a nasty fever and ear infection.

The hitch?

The Illinois legislature decided to hold a surprise vote for a bill Barack had worked tirelessly to pass. Not only that, he was running for Congress and his absence could cost him the election. Would he stay in Hawaii and help his wife and sick child? Or would he catch the next flight out to vote and help his career?

The Obamas made two decisions that rocked my belief systems. 
  1. Michele, recognizing he could leave at any time, says, 'But I wasn't going to martyr myself by suggesting it."
  2. Barack chose to stay and help his wife and sick child. 
The bill didn't pass by five votes, many people blamed Barack, and he lost the congressional race. 

Only to win the presidency of the United States nine years later. 

What did this teach me? A spiritual lesson: KNOW. WHO. YOU. ARE. 

That includes your worth and your values. 

Michelle knew her worth when she asked him to help take care of their sick child; and Barack knew his values when he decided to stay. Did this cost them in the short term? It absolutely appeared that way. But here's the thing: without this clarity, I don't think they would be in the position they are in today. I don't think they would be living their highest purpose. 

The key to growth is to put lessons into practice and so that's what I did. Over the holiday weekend, I offered a free shipping promotion to say thank you to my customers, but I didn't discount my products. Why? Because I don't sell discount hair and I don't work discount hours. 

Before anyone gets offended...

If your boss at work walked up to you and said: 

"Listen - we're really happy with your job performance, but we're going to have to cut your pay. Don't worry, the business isn't failing or anything! It's just - Suzie in Deleware doesn't think you're worth it. Yes - keep putting in those 40+ hours! Keep working hard!!! Keep submitting those proposals! But yeah, 20% of your paycheck, it's gotta go... because of Suzie."

How would you feel?

As a small business, that's what people are saying when they ask for sales and discounts. And here's the thing: Kurly Klips has a BOMB rewards program. Why? Because I believe in saying thank you to loyal customers by giving them a price break! Absolutely!!!! It's like, "Thank you for your continued support - here's a little sumn' sumn' on your next purchase!" That's how it should be!

But at the end of the day, I know the worth of my product and the value of my time, which is why I offered what I did on Black Friday. And trust and believe, I fully expected to lose out. 

But here's the kicker: I was HAPPY. Because there's power in knowing who you are. There's power in knowing what you value. And even if no one purchased a single item from my shop over the weekend, resting in this power sets me up to fulfill my highest purpose - even if that's years down the line. 

All people are equal. If Barack and Auntie Michelle did it, we can do it too. 

And just in case you were wondering, that weekend was one of my best of all time. So much so I couldn't even stay at my dad's house after our road trip. He had to drop me back off early so I could get to shipping. 

AND shout out to the Kurlies who combined their rewards points with the free shipping promo to create their OWN BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!! LOL!!!!! One Kurly saved 60 dollars on her order. 60 DOLLARS!!!! I was like YESSSS, SIS!!!!!!!! MAKE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY!!!!! She's been a fab customer - kindhearted and really sweet - and I packaged that shipment with JOY, honey! PURE JOY. 

When you operate in integrity, and you know your worth and your values, no one can tell you differently about yourself. Ground yourself in your eternal, divine being. Operate from THAT place to find peace - and don't let the whims of the world tell you differently. 

Hope this helps! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!