New Site, Who dis?

What's fresh and new at Kurly Klips 

Y'ALL. Your girl has been working on this site for nine whole months. NINE. And today, I finally get to reveal it to you 🙌🏾 Not only does it show clearer pictures of the hair, but I worked really hard to demonstrate the easiest way to put it in and care for it. 

So what's new?


The biggest change is that I've added an additional three clip weft to every set FREE OF CHARGE. I also added smaller wefts for the sides of your head. This brings your total pieces up from seven to nine. NINE (lol). 

Why did I do this? Because I realized most of us were just two pieces short from achieving a full look - and I wanted yall to be out here living your BEST LIFE without having to purchase two sets (unless you wanted to). This is especially true of the Bobcat and Shoulder Chic lengths. However, for the Mermaid lengths, you might still want to order more than one. 

And now you have options for that as well! You can either purchase two sets at a time (now for 10 dollars less) OR you can essentially buy a set and a half with our new Petite option!

So here's the deal on the weights:

Petite: 3 pieces, 65g, 1 x long weft, 2 x small wefts

Normal: 9 pieces, 135g, 1 x long weft, 2 x medium wefts, 4 x small wefts, 2 x extra small wefts

Grande: 18 pieces, 270g, 2 x long wefts, 4 x medium wefts, 8 x small wefts, 4 x extra small wefts


So how was I able to offer more hair without raising the price? Easy. I had to decrease the weight of the packaging so shipping it from overseas became more cost-effective. But don't worry, the new packaging is still stylish and cute (I mean, am I even capable of less lollllll) and FUNCTIONAL. It's the best packaging for travel that we've had because it's so light and durable. 

With that said, if you're one of those people who prefer the cardboard box over EXTRA HAIR in your sets, please don't @ me. This ain't for you. 



So at the Kurly Klips meet up, I realized a lot of people didn't know my flawless blending clip-in technique. While there IS a YouTube video that demonstrates it, in it Jasmin uses an intricate braiding pattern which is awesome for her protective style,  but not necessary to the technique. Anyway, I found out people stopped watching as soon as they saw that braid pattern so I knew I had to make it easier. 

And I did! (Hopefully)

For each texture, I show you my flawless blending method. It's super easy and basically involves the vertical clip method at the top of your head. 

I also added product videos so you can see how the hair looks in real life. I hope they help! 


So I put the care manual online with the hopes that yall will actually read it. The benefit of it being online is that I can update my favorite products in real time. If you choose to not take these recommendations, sis, that's on you. Half the problems people half with Kurly Klips has to do with wrong produce use. I'm just saying. 


So you know I've always been here to help you for free over email. But some people wanted more of a white glove service, so I started video consulting for a small fee. OK so maybe it's not THAT small. It's 50 bucks. But between washing hair, shipping it out, customer service, making videos, and taking pictures, I really don't have a lot of time. So if you really WANT to talk to me face-to-face, you can. Or you can send me pics via email. Either one is fine!

Et Voila!

So I hope you love this new experience. Blood, sweat, tears, agony, betrayal, money, all went into it. But one thing I learned is that my life is on divine timing, and maybe next time, I won't fight it so hard along the way. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this rebrand a reality. Sending you lots of love!!!! 





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