From our November newsletter...


Hi Kurlies,

Just a reminder that the entire universe loves you to pieces. It treats you however you see it. So if you see it as a loving and supportive place, your daily experiences will reflect that. If you see it as a fearful and harmful place, your experiences will reflect that too. 

This can be hard to remember in Trump's America and yesterday, I raged.

I raged at the people who voted for him. I raged at the racists. I raged at the misogynists. I raged at how my existence sometimes feels threatened when I step outside my apartment.

And to be honest, all that rage didn't feel so good because it wasn't very productive. My thoughts weren't causing harm to my adversaries, but they were ruining my day. They felt like knives cutting my own flesh and yet, I obsessively kept thinking them.

How many of us use our thoughts to cut ourselves? Scars from self-harm might not run down our arms, but they can be etched on our hearts. 

Exhausted, I asked the Holy Spirit to take the thought knives away from me; and I gave him all my weapons one by one. And after a few hours, I realized my emotional health had improved. Somehow, he returned me back to love.

How? Well, surrendering to the divine's love is easiest when you practice the act daily. Here's a practice I've been using to stop the violence within.

The Premise
We were loving little beings when we got here and everything else got added on by the world. That pure place of love still exists inside all of us. Sometimes we choose not to express it. However, it's always there and will never go away. 

The Practice
When I see a random person on the street, in my mind, I tell them I love them. Somewhere deep, deep down in their spirit, they feel my love and love me back. They may not be consciously aware of it, but they feel the vibe and I do too. God smiles and I help create a more loving universe. 

The Message
By loving others, you love yourself.

And when you practice love in this way, your boundaries get stronger and you rely less on the validation of others. Why? Because you don't need to win anybody over. They already love you! And if they decide not to show it, you can establish better boundaries until they do.

It's important to note that boundaries aren't punishments. You're just calling on the other person to do better. From there, they can decide whether they want to or not. But forego interactions with another person's ego. Life gets better when you exclusively communicate with their love, at least in my experience. This has been helpful for surrendering my own ego and returning back to a healthier state. 

So what does this have to do with Trump's America? Try to engage with people's love, and if they can't meet you there, let it go, create boundaries, and protect yourself if necessary. 

Also, vote in mid-term elections. Let voting be another expression of your love.