From our April newsletter...

Hi Kurlies, 

I know I missed last month's newsletter and I'm sorry about that. As you may or may not know, my maternal grandmother passed in January, and we were very close. Although I barely wept, my grief did something strange. It sank into my bones. It created knots in my back and neck. It gripped my body with cold steel fingers and enmeshed itself in muscle under my flesh.

Has this ever happened to you?

But it wasn't just the death of my grandmother. The death of Kurly Klips has also crept into my thoughts. You see, the hair extension industry was already a mammoth when Chris Rock came out with his documentary Good Hair in 2009. It was a behemoth of a trade when I started Kurly Klips in 2013. But today it has eclipsed in size even further, with everybody and their mama trying to get into the hair game. 

With the demand for cheap human hair increasing exponentially every year, sellers care less and less about quality. They use fake pictures to sell their goods and will ship out hair that looks nothing like what you ordered. These days, influencers aren't the only ones on the payroll. They're also bribing actual customers with CASH PAYMENTS for written and video reviews. So they know their hair is trash, but they can count on a good review because they're paying the customer 20 bucks to leave it. 

How do I know this? Because I started ordering from other companies to see what was going on. And to be honest, the whole thing felt like a giant con. It felt like a back-alley experience and the hair I received smelled as dirty. 

Both you and I deserve better than this. We deserve standards and integrity, the principles I've tried to build Kurly Klips on.

But here's the problem: sometimes when dealing with suppliers, it feels like I'm the only one making these demands in today's market. Last year, I threw away 20,000 dollars worth of hair because I didn't like the quality and my conscience wouldn't let me sell it to you. From a financial standpoint, that hurt because the seller refused to give me my money back. So friends and family suggested I sell it under a different name on eBay and Amazon. But I didn't want to. That's not who I am. That's not why I started Kurly Klips.

I started Kurly Klips because I needed clip-ins for my natural hair and no other company was making them at the time. While there were natural hair extension businesses (both Black and Asian), I felt like they didn't respect me or my money. I wanted better for myself. I wanted better for Black women. 

Reading our very real reviews, I can say Kurly Klips has achieved this, and each year, we try to get better. For example, I began washing the hair myself again to ensure all shipments met my standards. Not only that but in the past few months, I've developed techniques to ensure the perfect curl pattern and softness. But would you believe my most trusted supplier still gets it wrong sometimes? Their response:

You're the only one demanding these things from us. 

Some people think I'm crazy. "Your standards are too high...  sell the hair anyway... it can't be perfect EVERY time..." 

But to them I say, would you want to spend your hard earned money on a product that wasn't right? Of course, you wouldn't! And that's what I fight for. High-quality hair that genuinely looks and feels like yours. 

So sometimes we're out of stock. We're out of stock because it takes my supplier a little longer to quality check our goods. We're out of stock because I personally inspect all shipments and if what we receive is substandard, I refuse to sell it. We're out of stock because the Kurly Klips family buys our hair with a quickness when we make it available again - and for that, I'm truly grateful. Y'all are keeping me in business. 

So if you like the service and the hair we provide, please continue shopping with us. I've listened to all your thoughtful suggestions, and I'm happy to announce we'll be offering new products and textures in the coming months. Not only that but different ways you can purchase the hair itself...

With that said, it's my honor to be part of your life and to help you feel good about your hair! I serve an almighty God who has proven time and again the lovely plans He has for my life. Sometimes these plans are challenging, but they only serve to deepen my love. Praying for these knots in my neck to transform into a balm of miracles. 

Praying for your happiness and your health and your hair ;)