From our May newsletter...

It’s Taurus season and you know what that means? This loyal (and occasionally stubborn) bull has got your back!!! Today, we’ve restocked some of your favorite products, so if you’ve been looking for them, be sure to grab yours because unfortunately, we’re still living that limited supply life. 

Why? Becuase Kurly Klips has standards, and I don't sell my girls just anything. 

Speaking of living our highest quality life, my intuition (whom I like to call Holy Spirit), frequently chats with me about self-care. You see, I used to think self-care consisted of massages, mani-pedis, happy hours, and brunches. Like mini-vacations, these activities suppressed my stress and allowed me to forget for a while.

But when is forgetting not enough?

I regularly practice prayer and meditation, but it's taken time to get to a place where I can observe my negativity without being attached to it. Oftentimes I feel compelled to obsessively figure it all out in the moment. It doesn't matter if I only have nine of the 100 piece puzzle set. I will spend precious time trying to see the big picture from those nine measly pieces. 

It's insane. 

And also very human. 

Spirit helped me recognize that self-care is sitting with my negativity the instant it strikes. It's taking that precious moment to observe it nonjudgmentally, calling out the feelings by name, feeling compassion towards them, all while recognizing this is not who I AM. 

Hello, Fear. Hi, Anxiety. Unworthiness! You're back! 

All these negative feelings will want to retell their stories. Fear says I'll be alone for the rest of my life. Anxiety says UPS might lose my next hair shipment. Unworthiness tells me I'm not successful enough for that group.

But the key is to put their stories on mute. Why? Because they're not real. I believe only love is real and everything else is the absence of love. As I get older (31 on the 12th!), I've learned love often means telling a person no. I bring the love by not allowing them to abuse me.

The same is true for negativity. I bring the love by not letting it abuse me either. 

With the stories on mute, focusing on how emotions feel in my body becomes easier. Sensing how fear feels like a tightening in the chest and anxiety-like an erratic patter in the heart, puts my True Self, Love, back in the driver's seat. It gives me dominion over my body and emotions. With this clear silent focus, I find negativity eventually slips away. 

I had a chance to practice this on Wednesday morning. After a disappointment, I went straight to that quiet place instead of trying to work it all out in my head. And you know what Spirit said to me?

The joy you have today will determine the joy you will have for the rest of the life. 

Sometimes sadness is a healthy response, as is anger and fear. However, I've learned its unbearable to stay stuck in those feelings. Why lay prostrate in the burning desert of negativity? In the long run, I've learned it's far better to just walk to the fertile grounds of peace. 

So that Wednesday, I remembered my joy. I jumped out of bed, I put on some music (How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris), and when I say I danced??? Your girl wasn’t taking any chances. I danced in my room while brushing my teeth, while fixing my hair, while making my breakfast. I danced like my life depended on it. And by the time I finished, I was flying above the turbulence of my disappointment, energetically aligned with creating and receiving an awesome day. 

And would you know it all worked out? A couple hours after my joy session, what had been a three-day issue was suddenly resolved with me having very little to do with it. 

So all I’m saying is, yes, girl. We got some hair in stock. But also, if you find yourself getting caught up in your stories this Taurus season, remember your power to press mute. Bring the love where it is absent and dance knowing you are victorious in joy. That is true self-care, to me at least.

Your sister in beauty,