From our June newsletter...


Hi Kurlies,

I just wanted to reach out and give you a big hug! We made it to June and I hope you have fun summer plans ahead! I wrote this reminder to myself and I wanted to share it with you. Pull it out when you need it. I hope it helps :)



You are not your thoughts

your fears

your doubts

your self-loathing.

When you stop identifying with your thoughts, a universe of opportunity appears.

But can you detach from your ego?

Your identity?

The drama you create to keep yourself busy?

You are neither where you’ve been nor where you're going.

You are.

Remember you are established in love. Remember you are established in kindness. Remember there is power in gentleness. Showing these attributes to yourself is just as important as showing them to others. Focus less on what you want and more on what is given. When you feel a steady gratitude for what you have, more good things will come.



Kurlies, I fall short a million times, but I learn, repent, and keep it moving. We are not our mistakes. All things can be used for our good. It is our belief that makes it so.

I pray that a million wonderful things happen to us this June. I pray that we take a vacation from our thoughts. I pray that we bask in eternal love.


Are You a Hummingbird or a Vulture?


So what do hummingbirds and vultures have to do with this? As some of you may know, I read daily devotionals. This morning in the comments, a woman told this simple story. You might have heard this analogy before. It has variations all across the internet. But for some reason, the words she used resonated with me a great deal. Here's what she wrote:


"Hummingbirds and vultures both fly over the desert, but all the vulture sees is rotting meat because that is what he looks for. It's what he thrives on. But the hummingbird looks for the colorful blossoms of the desert plant! One lives on what WAS, on the past, and the other lives on what IS, looking for life in their surroundings. Each bird finds what it is looking for. And so do we. Help me to hold loosely, Lord, so You don't have to pry 'things' out of my hands. And may I be satisfied with what I have been blessed with, looking for new life and not hanging on the leftovers of others." 


Can I get an AMEN?!

I'm going to be honest, Kurlies - I felt a huge amount of anxiety making that commitment to donate 1k a month to charity. What if I couldn't keep my commitment? I know I would personally beat myself up, but would others beat me up as well? Would I be tarred and featured across the internet? Was I somehow cursing my business? What if I lose it all?

A little melodramatic, yes. But my ego always is. Fear can make you feel all kinds of crazy things, which is what prompted me to write this newsletter in the first place

But what's the point of all this worrying? It's not actually doing anything. Instead, I'm going to look for fresh flowers to delight in. I'm going to enjoy the warm summer air. And I'm going to try and continue to improve Kurly Klips - day-by-day and bundle-by-bundle.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, Kurlies! Here's to beautiful surprises this June! 

Your sister in beauty,



PS I hate that I even have to say this, but when talking about spirituality, I feel like I have to. Me/this brand/this business loves everybody as they are. You deserve the greatest love, and that only comes from within.

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