Every month, we highlight a superstar Kurly who is giving us serious hair envy. Meet Alexandra from Chicago, IL who owns two sets of the Mermaid Fro. Learn how she uses Kurly Klips to combat shrinkage and enjoy the length of her hair.





I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production. In addition, I hold a Non-Profit Board Leadership Certificate from the University of Chicago and I am a board member on the Lupus Society of Illinois Junior Board.

I have to pay my bills, so I currently work in a position of service where I am a conduit for various departments as a full-time concierge/guest service representative. I am the lead score holder for friendliest check-in, the SPG loyalty enrollment program and guest appreciation acknowledgment as well as the associate for the 2nd quarter. My concierge position allows me to build work relationships with the guests at the hotel and gain valuable knowledge from their career experiences.

Although I am presently in the world of hospitality, I am passionate about the entertainment industry. I travel to different cities/states/countries for film festivals, conferences, and the occasional photo shoot. I have completed professional projects, directed a celebrity actor and worked under the guidance of Hollywood director Tommy O’Haver. While pursuing a career on the production side of the call sheet, I discovered I also loved the artistry, performance, and research that comes with being an actress.

After taking classes at the Acting Studio Chicago, I began auditioning for commercials and the stage. Using what I have learned from both behind and in front of the camera, I am debuting my talents on stage in, "Trouble at the Gates," in October. If you or anyone else will be in the Chicagoland area come and treat yourselves to a "lady's night out" by purchasing your tickets: www.troubleatthegate.com.





My favorite products to use when I refresh my Kurly Klips are Shea Moisture's natural pro-keratin care shampoo and conditioner. The styling products I use on my Kurly Klips include Shea Moisture's raw shea butter extra-moisture detangler along with a couple drops of their manuka honey intensive hydration complex oil. These are the same products I use on my natural hair.


My care routine for my Klip-ins happened to be the same for my natural hair. The only difference is I wash my hair once a week, but I wear the Kurly Klips for a total of 10-14 times before I feel the need to wash them. I know you're thinking, "Ewwww," but no. lol I can get away with wearing them 14 times before washing because I do not wear them every day, so I'm able to air them for a few days at a time. I massage oil on my scalp only as needed, which cuts down on the Klips collecting product and I live in a city where smoking is not allowed in buildings (15 feet from the entrance), so I don't walk around with smoky hair. This helps the clip-ins retain their freshly washed aroma. To keep them looking vibrant, I spritz them with water right before the installation process.

My natural hair routine before the installation process:
Wash, deep condition, dab my hair dry with a t-shirt, detangle, moisturize with Shea Moisture products (I pay attention to my ends now so I can retain thickness and length), twist in 8 chunky twists in order to stretch and let hair dry, undo twists when dry and cornrow natural hair in the pattern I want to wear underneath the Kurly Klips.

-SM shampoo Kurly Klips
-SM condition Kurly Klips
-Dab with a t-shirt until no longer dripping
-Glide SM detangler over strands and finger detangle. I need to order the device that holds it on the shower wall so that I can wash and detangle with ease. Presently, I bribe a family member or friend with a cooked meal as an exchange for them to hold the top near the beard for me
-Glide SM oil on mid-shaft to ends of Kurly Klips
-Style Prep. Braid, Twist, Bantu knot, etc.
-Put my blouse on. One time, I tried putting my blouse on after I installed the Kurly Klips and my head got stuck in the blouse. I had to ask a neighbor for help. I was so embarrassed!!
-Install klip-in over my cornrows that have been prepped with stretched dry hair, so they are as flat as possible (I usually always have leave-out in the front for blending)
-Add Jamaican Black Castor oil to my edges with a little (!!!) eco styler clean gel
-Tie a scarf on the edges while I put the rest of my clothes on and get contents of my tote together for the day or my clutch for the evening
-Undo scarf
-Put on some makeup while letting my edges return to a less flattened, but well-maintained state
-Fluff the Kurly Klips around
-Shamelessly take selfies in the bathroom
-Bounce out of the door




My favorite memory is the reaction I received from ladies and men who thought it was all my hair. I have been natural all my life, but due to the surge in natural hair products, I have been able to nurture my hair with healthier ingredients. That was a beautiful moment for me, but I was finding myself getting scissor happy because I wanted, "something new." I was bored with having a mid-back length when I pressed my natural hair which was only once a year, but having a bob when my hair was in its natural state due to shrinkage. I was looking for versatility, excitement and a way to maintain the health of my scalp and strands. I found those things and more. "I love your hair!" That was the compliment I received each time I wore the Klips. "You know it's not all mine..." I would tell on myself each time in order to share my excitement with others in hopes that something as simple as a change of hairstyle could revive their hair point of view. Most ladies were like me...bored, but not willing to damage their natural hair with chemicals or heat usage, so like me, they found comfort in the power of the scissors. I suppose my favorite memory was sharing the fun of finally purchasing my Kurly Klips after 2 years of researching and reading reviews. I know that's a long time, but I was not about to spend $400 on 2 boxes of hair and I had absolutely NO experience with extensions, clip-ins, weave and the list goes on. I am glad I did!


Go to my acting page on Facebook and like it, please! I look forward to reading all of your stories, getting hair care advice and showing support on this journey.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Alexandra! It's always so inspiring to hear from lifetime naturals. I'm so happy you've been able to incorporate Kurly Klips into your healthy hair journey. Break a leg at your show! And best of luck to all of your entertainment endeavors. 


Yours in beauty,