Every month, we highlight a superstar Kurly who is giving us serious hair envy. Meet Shaneece from Baltimore, MD who owns one set of the Shoulder Chic Spirals. Find out how this student and aspiring author uses Kurly Klips to save time - and get her birthday dinner tab paid ;)



For the most part, I was born and raised in Maryland but I've lived in other states such as Virginia, Philadelphia and believe it or not, Anchorage, Alaska! In Philadelphia, I attended Temple University. I am currently attending school at Towson University, majoring in Business Administration. I absolutely LOVE to read and I am going to publish a book sometime soon so definitely be on the lookout for that.


Shaneece KOM June 2017



I chose Kurly Klips because I was up really late at night one day on YouTube looking for natural hair videos when I stumbled across a video from the owner of Kurly Klips, the Lovely Lana. I watched her story and actually shed tears. I stayed up late that night watching her videos and read several reviews on Kurly Klips. I literally could not find a single negative review! The videos on YouTube on how to care and style for them called "Klippin' it with Jas" are absolutely hilarious and totally helpful. It has so far been the absolute BEST investment I have made! I'm natural and have quite a hectic schedule and Kurly Klips have truly saved my life!!! I have tried everything from weaves to crochet braids to my own natural hair, but with my schedule, I need something less time-consuming. Kurly Klips are like hitting the natural hair lottery!!!! They offer you variety and versatility in a such a short amount of time! The customer service is absolutely AMAZING!!!! You will not find better!


Shaneece Shoulder Chic Spirals Kurly Klips



As far as products for my Kurly Klips, I use Aussie's 3 Minute Deep Conditioner or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, both of which restore the hair back to its original softness. I used Mielle Organics as a leave in conditioner.

So initially when I got my Kurly Klips, I honestly didn't take proper care of them and I learned my lesson from that! You have to care for them as you care for your own hair. I was, fortunately, able to revive them with an intense deep conditioning/detangling section (thank God for that). Now I take extra care of them. When I am not wearing them, I spray them with a leave in conditioner, two-strand twist them and store them in the lovely package they originally came in. I would totally recommend a detangling caddy because it makes styling and washing them SO much easier!


Shaneece Kurly Klips



I have A LOT of great memories wearing my Kurly Klips, but I would have to say my absolute FAVORITE memory was on my birthday. As I mentioned I am natural and have been for 2 years now and prior to my birthday, I was wearing my hair in its total natural state. Ladies you know how we love to show off on our birthdays, (it is your own personal holiday) so you're entitled to, so I decided to straighten my hair for my birthday. I had not straightened my hair in over a year! So I straightened it, dyed my Kurly Klips, blow dried them straight, and curled them and I was absolutely feeling myself and so was everyone else!!!! I got sooooo many compliments! People were literally doing a double take because they were used to seeing me in my natural state. I went out to eat with one of my friends and I lie to you not, this total stranger came up to us and paid for our entire bill and kept encouraging me to order more and more!!!! We had an absolute blast! Like you couldn't tell me anything that day!!! I was hearing all types of them songs in my head while I was walking!


Shaneece in Shoulder Chic Spirals Blown Out



Ladies, whether you choose to wear your hair natural, straight, wavy, curly, braided, any style, it is YOUR choice and either way you are still absolutely beautiful! Beauty exudes from within and never ever ever let anyone (especially society) make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. You are a true gem so go ahead and crown yourself with Kurly Klips! They will definitely enhance the beauty you were already blessed with!!!




SHANEECE! I LIVED for all of your answers to these questions, girl. Like every. single. one. I'm so happy Kurly Klips helps you to not only save time but to get your dinner bill paid for too. GO, GIRL! #STAYWINNING. AND STAY SINGING THEM SONGS IN YOUR HEAD LOL! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful inspiration! Your beauty shines bright!


Your Sister in Beauty,