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HAIRCARE 1O1: Lightening Your Hair Extensions

Dying your Kurly Klips lighter can look great when done well. However, Klips that have been color treated need extra care. 


What is Virgin Hair & Why Is It Important

Virgin hair extensions are generally a soft black color. That's because many hair extensions are from Asian donors who have soft black hair. This hair has never been dyed before. This makes the hair stronger and in the best condition to receive hair dye. 

At Kurly Klips, we refer to our virgin hair color as Natural Black. Only our Natural Black hair can be safely dyed. That's because it has never been dyed before. 


How to Make Dark Shades Lighter

Coloring hair is an irreversible chemical process. When you want to lighten your hair extensions, it's often necessary to use bleach. Bleach removes (or oxidises) the melanin found in dark hair. This is the only way to successfully lighten darker shades. When lightening dark hair, you will notice that it takes on a yellow or orange tone. This is the natural color of keratin. 

It is best to manage your expectations when it comes to coloring your hair or extensions. Dark hair can only be lightened so much in one go without causing drastic damage to the hair. For a Beyoncé blonde, you will need to color the hair over time. It can not be achieved safely in one application. You may also need to tone the hair when it takes on that yellow or orange appearance. Using a toner will bring out the shade you want. 


Haircare101: Dying Hair Extensions Kurly Klips



Different Types of Color Applications

There are many different types of color applications.

  • Highlights is when you dye small sections of hair placed in foils. This technique creates light and dark in the hair - great for adding texture and enhancing a cut
  • Balayage is a similar technique but the color is applied free hand. This creates a subtle natural look. Additionally, this technique is also used when creating Ombré hair. Ombré refers to when one color transcends into another 
  • Full head tint is one color all over the head. This can be permanent, which means it will grow out. Semi permanent tents will wash out within 6-8 weeks. 


Caring for Colored Hair

Coloring breaks down the bonds that make up our hair. Two things may happen when these bonds break down. The first is that the curl pattern may change. The second is that the condition of the hair might weaken. 

Colored hair tends to be drier than non-colored hair. That means you must focus on retaining as much moisture as possible. You also want to keep the color vibrant. Investing in color stay products is also a good idea. 

Great color stay products:

  • Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner 
  • Redken Color Extend Magnetic shampoo and conditioner
  • Bumble & bumble color Minded UV protective polish
  • Aussie Dual Personality Styling & colored hair protection serum


Lightening hair extensions can be tricky for people with limited experience. If you want to go lighter, seek the expertise of a professional colorist you trust. 


Yours in beauty, 

Lana & Gina

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