Oh how we love summer! No matter where you're going this summer, be it a city break or an exotic getaway, you must ensure you are taking care of your hair.

Though many black women may not sunburn as easily as fairer skinned women, we still need to be protecting our skin with at least SPF 15 sunscreen. And It's not just our skin that needs protection from the sun but our hair and scalp too. UVA and UVB rays have the power to damage the hair from the cuticle to the inner structure of the hair.


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From antiaging-wellness.com...

"The two types of ultraviolet rays that damage hair are Ultraviolet B [UVB] rays and Ultraviolet A [UVA] rays. UVA rays, the longest rays and UVB rays, medium-wavelength rays damage hair in a variety of ways. UVB damages the cuticle - the outside covering of the hair. Natural and chemical colors can fade and hair can easily be dried out as a result of UVB rays. UVB rays can also damage the hair fibers by penetrating deep into the hair’s cortex and can damage the hair cuticle.UVA rays penetrate into the cortex and disturb the hair cortex’s fiber-like cells that give the hair its elasticity and strength, as well as damage the color pigments that create natural hair color and burn the hair cuticle."

Our hair does have some natural protection, however prolonged sun exposure can cause a change of texture. Not only that, but it can increase hair porosity and cause lack of suppleness.

So though we may not notice it, our hair needs sun protection just like our skin. Without it, hair can be left dry and brittle. Add salt water or chlorine to the mix and our lovely holiday hair may end up a total mess.

There are plenty of uv sprays ideal for all hair types, so no need to go adding thick sunscreen to your hair. A good UV protection spray such Aveda Sun veil & Paul Mitchell's Sun Shield will do the job providing a light protection layer over hair.



You should apply UV protection spray 30 minutes before going into the sun, reapplying if you go into the sea or the pool. Try to make a habit of applying UV protection daily as a part of your haircare regimen. This helps to protect the condition of your hair.

A little Vitamin D is great for our scalp and our hair growth. However a burnt scalp is no joke and can hinder future hair growth. So limit time in the sun or try a beautiful headwrap or hat when in the sun for long periods of time.

Top tip: put a little sun screen or Yarok Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum on your parting to avoid sun damage in that area.


Remember Kurly Klips are 100% premium human hair extensions, so don't forget to protect your clip ins when in hot climates. They too can become brittle from sun exposure. Keep them lush on your holiday with an after sun mask. Try Oway After Sun Mask which is repairing and nourishing.

Remember to stay safe and stay protected and have a wonderful holiday!


Yours in beauty, 

Lana & Gina