Hello, my little mistletoe minx! Are you ready to get glam for some Christmas parties? We hope you are! You made it another year and for that, you deserve to party. So whether you're celebrating the holidays with Netflix or a hundred of your closest friends, Kurly Klips has you covered in the hair department.

In this tutorial, we're going for a classic look. It consists of a middle part, two small goddess braids around the front, and a lovely chignon in the back. Elegant, chic, and not as hard as you might think. Even if you get delayed by eggnog and cheer, expect to whip this style up in minutes!




Jasmin prepared this style by blowing out her Mermaid Fro beforehand. You can find her tutorial on how to do so here.

She then puts her three clip weft towards the nape of her neck and two of her four clip wefts above that. She places her last three clip weft above that.

Then she clips two of the two clip wefts vertically along her leave-out.

After she combs her leave-out to blend with the Kurly Klips, she makes a left section and a right section at the front of her head. She braids both sides down as closely to the perimeter of her head as possible. Then she pulls all the hair into a low ponytail and makes the bun.

The bun is simple, ladies. It's just wrapping and twisting the hair into place. You should find it doesn't even take many pins to hold it in place.

And that's it. A clean style that looks just as beautiful on the My Spirals collection.

Have a happy and safe holidays, Kurlies! When you wear your Kurly Klips this season, don't forget to tag us on IG. We would love to share it on our page ;)

Yours in Beauty,