Hi Kurlies,  


You’re slowly waking up from a good night’s rest. 

You take a small stretch and reach for your phone, but a glimmer catches your eye. Right next to it is the most beautiful diamond you’ve ever seen in your life. Am I dreaming?, you wonder, as you pick it up and turn it over in your hands. You look around, but find no answers. The diamond is just there, a small gift from the universe. 

So you get out of bed and carry it with you to the bathroom. You open the cabinet and reach for your toothbrush when you suddenly spot a ruby next to it. What the heck? ANOTHER ONE?, you think, as you pick it up and study its brilliant red color. You have no idea what's going on, but you take the gems with you as you get ready for your day. 

With the diamond and ruby in your pocket, you head to your car. You sit in the familiar driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition, when a sparkle grabs your attention. In your cup holder is an emerald - shining green, and at this point, you are thoroughly confused. Yet you add it to the collection in your pocket feeling blessed to be the recipient of such precious stones. 

Now you’re on the lookout for more gems, and the more you look, the more you find. By evening, you have quite the collection, and when you climb back in bed and reflect on your day, you laugh at the wonder of it all. 

This is how abundance works. The more gifts we see and admire, the more gifts we collect. 

But what are gifts? That’s the fun part. Gifts are EVERYTHING. 

Everything you choose to see as a gift is a gift. Take the story above: waking up is as precious as a diamond, teeth are as valuable as rubies, and a car is definitely worth its weight in emeralds. 


We’re only as abundant as the list we keep.


So as we go about our lives in these interesting times, it’s my wish that we continually add to our gem collection. May we approach the world with fresh wonder and love, and may we remember our power in feeling abundantly blessed. 


I love you, Kurlies. 


Your sister in beauty,




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