*updated 6/10/19

Can you get through airport security while wearing clip in extensions? We get asked this question a lot. And we get it! We understand the need to look beautiful while traveling. You come across so many people at the airport, why wouldn't you want to look your best?

These days, so many people are wearing clip-in extensions, that going through airport security with them is a breeze. I have traveled throughout the United States and Europe while wearing my clip-ins and I have never had an issue.

Will the machine pick up on my clip-ins?

The older machines generally will not. I have walked through dozens all across the country and have never had them beep. The full body scanners will pick up bobby pins, hair clips, and extensions. However, this happens so often, that a light head tap is all you'll likely receive from a TSA agent. 

But what if they demand I take them out right then and there?

This is so, so, so unlikely to happen. I have traveled all across the US and Europe and have NEVER been asked to take my clip-ins out. Please know that literally millions of women are wearing extensions every day and many thousands are wearing them to the airport. It is so common now, that agents generally don't give it a second glance. 

But if you like to plan for the worst case scenario, you can always demand privacy. That's what those back rooms are for. But again, unless you're smuggling COCAINE IN YOUR CLIP-INS, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY anyone will ask you to take them out. 

What's the best way to travel with them if I don't want to wear them?

If I'm not wearing my clip-ins to the airport, I'll pack them in my carry on. I put them in a shoe bag so they won't take up a lot of space.


I hope this helps, Kurlies! Times have changed so much since we first posted this article. I've flown from Washington, DC to Atlanta, to LA, to San Francisco, to Dallas, to New Mexico, to Raleigh, to Seattle, to London, to France, to Vancouver, and to the Netherlands, all while wearing my Kurly Klips. And if TSA ever touches me at all, they might pat down my boobs because of my underwire, and MAYBE give me a light head tap. So please don't be scared. Clip-ins are ubiquitous now. They are not a big deal.

Sending you lots of love!

Yours in Beauty,