It's officially back to school season. As we leave summer behind and enter into grind mode, fall styles are a must. What are fall styles? Consider them visual representations of your focus. Whatever goals you aspire to this season, let your hair reflect a more polished you.

Jasmin and I created the Braided Headband with Fishtail Braid for this purpose. Not only is it pulled together, but it brings the focus to your face. It's thoughtful without the fuss - and that's why we love it. Remember, you have so much to offer the world. Attention grabbing hair is fun, but you deserve to shine as much as your hair.

The key to this style? Strategic clipping. Plus, you only need one set to complete this look.



Add a three clip weft at the nape of your neck and a four clip weft above that. Next, create your front side part.

Identify the region with the most hair and section off your bangs. Behind your bangs, add two of the two clips wefts. Once complete, create a French braid that stops halfway down the side of your head.

On the opposite side, add a two clip weft vertically above the ear. French braid that section as well.

Then make a low side ponytail to connect both sections of hair together. From here you're going to create a fishtail braid. Never created one before? Don't worry. It's super easy. You can find one of our (vintage) tutorials here

Et voila! A style that's chic, neat, and keeps all eyes on you!

The braided headband with fishtail braid is a great protective style for your extensions. Why incorporate protective styling into your hair extension routine? Not only does it make your extensions last longer, but it also cuts down on maintenance too. Read our article about it here.

At the end of the day, this style is cute, effortless, and functional. We love it, and we hope you do too!


Yours in Beauty,