What products should you use on your natural hair extensions? We get this question A LOT. To be honest, because Kurly Klips are 100% human hair, different products work for different sets. However, we're always trying to find holy grail staples that work well for everybody. Kurlies, you know we love some Cantu Coconut Curling Cream for detangling and moisturizing. But Cantu, watch out! Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Conditioner and Leave-In might be here to jack the crown!



Palmer's has been adding to its range of hair products over the last couple of years. Yes, child! Once known for cocoa butter skin products, they now have stepped into the hair game! Palmer's has a range of natural hair products that rival market leaders at a fraction of the price. Yes! You heard us right. Palmer's products are pocket-friendly and work great on natural hair as well as extensions.



The Manuka Flower Honey Conditioner is a firm favorite for co- washing your Kurly Klips. Key ingredients include cocoa and shea butter, which are ideal for drier hair types. That makes it a perfect match for our My Fro and My 3c Curls collections.This Conditioner is a little heavier than most, so it's good for moisturizing and detangling. Your natural hair extensions will look and feel smoother.


The Manuka Flower Leave in Conditioner is another great find from Palmer's. Not only does it work wonders post-wash, but it also acts as a refresher for mid-week hair. It's also an amazing detangling product. Remember to detangle hair from root to tip to reduce frizz, banish tangles, and keep it moist!

Let us know if you've used any of Palmer's hair products or have any other product recommendations. We love hearing from you!



Lana & Gina