Customer Corner is a section of our blog where our customers chat and share tips about Kurly Klips. We hope you find this feature helpful whether you own or are thinking about owning our luscious sets of hair. She even has a video, y'all. Click into it on YouTube to see the index in the product description. That way you can jump from topic to topic without having to watch the whole thing 

What's your first name and where are you from? 

My name is Dana and I live in the Houston, TX area. 

Which Kurly Klips collection do you own? How many sets?

I own two sets of the Shoulder Chic Spirals. 

Did you have any reservations about Kurly Klips before purchasing? What made you take the plunge?

Yes, several. The first reservation was concerning the price. I price shopped and price shopped and yes I found other options but after watching a video you posted I was resolved to support your business. So I decided to save my money because I knew I wanted Kurly Klips. 

My second reservation was the thought of wearing clip-ins verses wearing a wig or a weave. I actually tried a few wigs and I didn't want a sew-in because I wanted access to my hair. My hair is fine and needs TLC. Again your bio and videos helped address this concern. 

I took the plunge by letting everyone EVERYONE know I wanted Kurly Klips for my birthday. :) And my dear hubby got the hint. He too had reservations but I showed him the research. I honestly didn't know if he would get them, but he surprised me with them. 

How do you like to wear your Kurly Klips?

I wear my clip-ins like a full install with no leave-out. I also use a few clips and wear a hat (since I hand knit). I plan to try other styles, but for now I am loving the simplicity of these two styles.

Any care tips or product suggestions?

I have a suggestion for installation. I actually add a wig cap before adding the clips. This protest my hair under my clips and it helps with blending because it covers the scalp. 

What do you love about your Kurly Klips the most?

What I love the most is the simplicity. I know how to sew-in hair, braid hair, pop a wig on my head but this option works for me. I can care for my natural hair while having a great style that literally takes minutes to execute. 

And besides efficience, I also love how they look on me. I'm all smiles. 


Dana is such a sweet person, y'all. And her spirit radiates through her YouTube channel and blog. Be sure to check them out. Let's support each other as a community :) 

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