Have you ever gone on a date wearing hair extensions? I know I have! I love unpacking my Kurly Klips for special occasions and date night is a perfect opportunity to do so. 

But at what point do you tell the person you're dating about your hair? Do you tell them right away at the table? Do you wait until you get to know them a little better? Do you NOT TELL THEM AT ALL? 

This has been quite the hot topic lately. Some people think the person you're dating has a RIGHT to know. While others believe you have a right to keep some aspects of your life private. 

For me, it's about the seriousness of the relationship. Is this a potential long-term partner? If so, I feel more comfortable disclosing. The anxiety of them finding out another way is too much for me to bear LOL! But how exactly do you do that? With confidence of course!

Here are three things to remember: 

1) You Do Not Offer Anyone an Explanation

If the person you're dating asks if you're wearing hair extensions - a yes or no answer will suffice. You do not have to defend your choice - especially since it's a harmless one. Everyone makes choices about their appearance. Your date might choose to wear a short faded cut. Does he/she need to explain why? No. If it's what you like to do, it's what you like to do. Point. Blank. Period.

2) If You Want to Explain, Don't Do It Defensively

Why do you like to wear hair extensions? Do you enjoy switching up your look? Do you take pleasure in the creativity? Is it easier for you to manage? Do you just like the style? Leave it at that. Again, as long as your hair extensions aren't hurting anyone, erase the need to defend. Stick to the facts and keep it simple. 

3) How to Deal with Criticism

If your date wants you to stop wearing hair extensions, then you have a choice to make. What is more important? This person who says you're not enough? Or the freedom to live life as you enjoy it? Personally, I'll always choose freedom. Why? Because I want a life partner who loves me more for my spirit than my hair. That spirit love is lasting love, but physicality fades. 

So don't forget to check out the video and tell me what you think! How do you tell the person you're dating about your hair extensions? 

Love you!!!


Hair Credit: Lana = Mermaid Spirals & Jasmin = Mermaid Fro