You've had a long day and it's time for you to take your clip-ins out. What do you do? Do you bunch them together and shove them in your drawer? Or do you take the time to prepare them for the next day? Properly storing your clip-ins can increase the life span of the hair. 


The key is to hang your extensions on a hanger. You don't need to buy a special hanger to do so, we show you how to use any old hanger you already have in your house. Why is this so important? Because any other method will cause the hair to bunch together and tangle. If you want to cover your extensions on the hanger, we recommend using a plastic bag, as cloth bags will dry the hair out. 

When some people think of extensions, they assume that the hair has magical properties. That it can be balled up, washed every so often, and stay tangle free. But that's simply not true. Kurly Klips sells 100% human hair, so expect it to act like human hair. By treating them right and storing them well, you are ensuring they will last you for months to come.  


Love you!!!