I absolutely adore my Kurly community. You know why? That’s exactly what we are. A COMMUNITY. Not sure if you know, but Kurly Klips customers tend to be repeat customers. That means you shop with us every time you need fresh hair extensions, or whenever you just want to switch up your look.



And guess what? We LOVE you for that. We’re so happy you’ve found a home in Kurly Klips, and to say thank you, we want to dish out some rewards.

For every dollar you spend, you get one point. Your first reward comes at 358 points. Now, I know that sounds like a strange starting point, but hear me out. It basically means you get 10% off your third set/s.


*****That is $15 to $40+ off your ENTIRE order depending on how many sets you buy.*****


Alternatively, you can choose to save your points and score a 20% discount on a future order. Darlings, it’s all about planning! And at Kurly Klips, we love putting you in the driver’s seat. Vruuummm!!!!

So take a look at our latest video to find out more. We explain the program in-depth and talk about existing customer points and all that jazz. As you know I love you sooooo much and I can’t wait to answer any question you might have.


Love you!!!


**update - we are no longer using the Kurly Klips box. To find out why, please click here. Thank you!