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Our Shiny New FAQ Series

Kurly Klips just keeps getting better and better and we’ve updated our FAQ series to showcase some of the cool changes taking place!

 You may notice that everything is now in playlist form. We did this with you in mind. Instead of having to watching a 15 minute video to get your question answered, you can now just watch the one quick video that pertains to you the most.




   Feel free to watch the full playlist here.


So what are some of these changes we’re talking about?


Well for one, our new packaging allows for us to handle returns in a safe and hygienic way.


Secondly, we’re using warehouses all over the US and UK to help get you Kurly Klips faster than ever before. As awesome as this is, since we are using third party shipping facilities, we can no longer edit orders once you submit. So double check your cart before you pay to make sure you get exactly what you want.


Finally, Kurly Klips now come in colors! Yay!!! Gone are the days you have to dye it yourself. However for those of you who love custom color, our Virgin Black option has never been dyed and is just waiting for you to get creative with it.


So I hope you find our new FAQ series helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments. As always, I love hearing from you.


Love you!!!


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