Hi Kurlies! I received a letter from one of my customers detailing an all too familiar experience for those of us who like to style our hair with clip-in extensions. As she settled down on the couch with her boo, he laid his head down on top of her hair… and paused… “Are you wearing clips?” he asked. Cue face of horror.



Now here’s my opinion on significant others and hair. Take this with a grain of salt because again, it’s just my opinion. However, I don’t feel like there should be any shame attached to wearing hair extensions. And personally, if I was going out with a dude who can’t see **all that I’ve got going on…** <cue circular hand motions around my face, body, and spirit lol> because he’s that focused on my hair, I don’t think that’s the man for me anyway. I’m a great person, beautiful on the inside and out, and I refuse to let someone make me feel bad for adding some Kurly Klips to my beautiful natural hair.



Besides, growing up in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, I’ve learned one thing: WOMEN OF ALL ETHNICITIES WEAR HAIR EXTENSIONS. Middle Eastern girls. Latinas. Where do you think I got the idea for clip-ins from? Take a guess. MY WHITE GIRL FRIENDS.  So if you’re a Black woman and someone accuses you of self-hate because you choose to wear extensions, please tell them to take several seats because we’re not even dominating the clip-in industry. Women from other ethnicities have had that on lock for several decades now… <<Ends rant>>

Ok so what were we talking about? That’s right, boyfriend proofing your clip-ins. So while I do believe in being honest with your partner, sometimes when you want to get cuddly, you don’t want a clip to poke somebody’s eye out. That’s not cute. So in my latest video, I give you three ways to avoid all that.



Love you!!!