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If you’ve seen our latest Color Promo video you’ll know that we have finally introduced new shades into the Kurly Klips lineup! For our promo, we were super inspired by the coming of Spring, and after such a long, hard Winter, we wanted to lighten things up a bit! We wanted to celebrate our new colors and the new warm months ahead with a gorgeous flower crown, a beautiful symbol of vibrancy and life! This is the crown that we ended up using for that video! It’s so simple to do, that we wanted to show you how to make your own!

kruly klips

kurly klips diy flower crown

What You’ll Need

  • Pair of scissors or small wire cutters
  • Floral wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • Assortment of flowers and greenery (faux or real, your choice)

kurly klips diy flower crown

Step 1

Using the measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head—if you plan on wearing your Kurly Klips with your crown, make sure to have them in for this step. Add an additional two inches, and then, measure out enough floral wire to make a loop, and twist the ends until they are secured together.

kurly klips d-i-y flower crown

lana kurly klips flower crown

Step 2

Set your loop aside, and start snipping apart your bouquets. Leave about 2-3 inches of stem on your flowers and greenery to make them easier to attach to your loop.

kurly klips how to make a flower crown


Step 3

Begin assembling your crown starting with the greenery. Using your floral tape, place a stem onto your loop, and wrap tape around it until it is secure—be sure to stretch the tape a little as you wrap it around the stems, it gets stickier when you pull it. Layer another greenery piece over the last piece (to conceal the taped stem), and tape down to secure. Continue this step all the way around, until the crown is completely covered.

kurly klips flower crown how to design

kurly klips crown

Step 4 

Repeat the same process as the last step, but this time with your flowers. We started with the small purple flowers all the way around, and then added in the larger ones on top. Then we added in some orchids in various places to finish it off, and fill in any gaps. Just keep layering, and positioning flowers until you get the design, and volume you desire.

Step 5


lana boone flower crown kurly klips

lana boone flower crown diy Kurly Klips