So the other day, I went to meet fellow Kurly Jasmin for happy hour and I completely fell in love with how she styled her Kurly Klips. Her blending was absolutely flawless and she explained to me that she uses two strand twists to blend her natural hair with her Kurly Klips. The craziest part about it? I couldn’t see a twist anywhere on her head! So I begged her to do a tutorial and here she is.




Jasmin has been a longtime customer, and I actually did not know her until she came to buy a set of KKs from me about two years ago. Since then, I’ve always admired all the amazing ways she cuts, styles, and colors her Kurly Klips hair. So I hope to incorporate Jasmin into more styling videos because she’s always playing around with her Kurly Klips to create fun new looks.


Jasmin Blending Kurly Klips 1


This video will probably be a bit chattier than others because we go in depth about the styling method, her color, her cut, how long she’s had them, her care regimen, etc. But I hope you find it all useful!


Jasmin Blending Kurly Klips 2


In this video, Jasmin is rocking two sets of the Mermaid Fro and I’m wearing two sets of the Mermaid Spirals as always from Kurly Klips. Hope you love it!