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Klip-In It with Jas: Le Pineapple

WHIP IT! NOW, WHIP IT GOOD!!! Jasmin gets so many compliments on this stinkin’ ponytail. Not only does it look absolutely flawless, but she uses a perimeter clipping method that makes it a very comfortable style as well. So if you like to whip a ponytail as much as I do, be sure to take a peek at this video. It’s a fun style perfect for a flirty day/night out.





Achieving this look is extremely easy. First, you’ll need two sets of the Mermaid Fro from Kurly Klips.

1) Snap one 4 clip weft using the reverse the clip method above the nape of your neck



2) Snap one 3 clip weft above the 4 clip weft using the reverse clip method.



3) Snap two 2 clip wefts above the 3 clip weft using the reverse clip method.



4) Snap the 4 clip weft in the front of your head using the normal clipping method.



5) Snap the 3 clip weft behind that using the normal clipping method.



6) Snap as many two clip wefts you want! The more wefts, the thicker!



7) Unravel your leave-out.



8) Pull it all up in a ponytail.



Et voila! Le Pineapple! Remember, if you have short hair, use pins to secure any loose pieces in place!



Hope this helps and I would be very appreciative if you could share with your friends.



Love you!!!
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