Want to increase the longevity of your hair extensions? Protective style with two side braids! The look is fresh and versatile, making it perfect for both the office and the music festival. Not only that, but it will give your Kurly Klips a much needed break from daily wear and tear. So enjoy this new tutorial with our style expert Jasmin!



This style is IDEAL for clip-ins. Why? It allows you to achieve a natural looking front-to-back middle part. Plus, it’s super easy! All you need are the two clips wefts from your Kurly Klips clip-in extension set!

Jasmin first prepared her hair by flat-twisting and rolling her ends with perm rode the night before. The next day, she simply unraveled and parted her hair down the middle.

Working on one side at a time, she applied the two clip wefts from her My Fro collection and braided her hair into the Kurly Klips.

After doing this on both sides, she gently tugged on the braids to give them a fuller appearance.

Be sure to wash the video to see what it looks like on the My Spirals collection.

And now that you know the basics, have fun with it! Make this style as corporate or carefree as you like! The options are limitless and your Kurly Klips will thank you for the much needed break.

Hope you found this helpful and be sure to share this with a friend.


Love you!!!