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Video: Elegant Low Braid Headband

Looking for easy hairstyles to wear to work, school, or a formal event? Girl, we got you! Jasmin and I have been shooting a lot more professional styles lately and we hope you enjoy them! First up is the Low Braid Headband. This style is pretty much perfect for every occasion. Better yet, it’s perfect for bad hair days. So what are you waiting for? Get the look with our tutorial! Love you!!!



Jasmin applies her first set of Kurly Klips.



Then, she applies the three clip weft from her second set like a headband.




And finishes clipping the rest of her second set.




The only thing left to do? Make two braids towards the front of both sides of her head



And pin them back. Super easy!



And this is what it looks like on the My Spirals Collection!



Want to see more? No problem! We have a video tutorial showing you just how it’s done. If you love it, be sure to share this post + video with a friend!

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