Can I tell you my favorite thing about turbans? Unlike hats, nobody expects you to take them off when you walk inside. So on days when the weather is nasty, or maybe you just don’t have time to blend, give this turban a try. Jasmin makes it super easy in our latest tutorial!



Tying a turban is so much easier than it looks. There’s only three steps to get you from OMG THIS CLOTH IS HUGE to sophisticated head piece.

First, put the cloth around your head. In the front, twist the two loose ends around each other twice.

Then, bring those two loose ends to the back and twist them around each other again.

Finally, bring them back to the front and tuck them out the way.

But that’s not all! In the video, we show you three super cute ways to style your hair while wearing a turban. So be sure to check them out in the video.

Oh yeah, and Jasmin’s hair is the Mermaid Fro from Kurly Klips, of course! You can find her bantu knot-out video here.

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