Are your buns less than juicy? Never fear, because another episode of Klippin’ it with Jas is here! And today, we’re showing you how to create the perfect luxuriously full bun. Short hair, don’t care. Show up to work with your bun game on FLEEK.



This style is definitely a go-to in our arsenal because it’s sleek and traditional enough for conservative environments. Perfect for ballet, school, and the office, we’re sure you’ll love it too.

If your hair is fine or short, this type of bun can be a struggle to achieve. But nix the struggle life with a box of Kurly Klips.

Because Jasmin is leaving so little of her own natural hair out, she’s using two sets of Kurly Klips. She uses the first set on the lower half of her head, snapping them in using the reverse clip method.

Then she snaps the second set on the upper portion of her head using the regular clipping method.

After she pulls her hair into a ponytail, she wraps it around the elastic and secures it with a couple of pins.



And of course it looks cute on the My Spirals collection too. 

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Love you!