Jasmin and I were playing around with Kurly Klips when we decided to add a braid to the half-up, half down ponytail. I love this style because it’s great for uncooperative hair days and requires minimal effort.

Jasmin is wearing the Mermaid Fro that she cut and colored herself. You can see how she achieves this beautiful color by watching her Honey Blonde Ombre in 30 minutes tutorial.

There are no cornrows in the making of this video! So for those of you who are cornrow averse, don’t worry.

Jasmin started her braid with three sections. Each of those three sections contained her hair mixed with the Kurly Klips hair. She then continued to braid downwards. To keep the braid secure, she simply used decorative pins.



As usual, Jasmin starts working from the bottom of her head up. She clips a three clip weft down by the nape of her neck, followed by a four clip weft above that. She then clips several two clip wefts around the crown of her head.

Then she reverses it. She clips a three clip weft right underneath her leave-out. She puts a four clip weft behind that, adding any two clips weft she needs for volume.

Then she unravels her leave-out, covers her tracks, and makes a simple braid that she pins down with decorative pins.

Et voila! A super easy style if you prefer your hair away from your face or if you just want to try something a little different.

And of course, it works brilliantly with the My Spirals collection as well!

Don't forget to watch the full video tutorial! Please let me know what you think in the comments!


Love you!