Hi Kurlies! Our latest video on the Kurly Klips YouTube channel was so much fun to make. Not only was it a way to get more personal with you, but it also gave me a chance to introduce the real owner of Kurly Klips. I sincerely hope this video clears the air and gives you lots and lots of chuckles. Enjoy.




So why did I feel compelled to shoot this video? Because honestly it’s just a reminder that Kurly Klips is run by REAL people; folks who care about you and the natural hair movement. I know firsthand how other hair companies treat their customers: with a lack of respect and appreciation. So when people bring their anxieties from past experiences to my inbox, I get it. Before Kurly Klips launched, I was treated like crap by these businesses too. But Kurly Klips is a natural hair extension company that doesn’t believe in treating people poorly. Period. We value you because we’re just like you, and we sincerely hope you’ll feel the love in this video!


Love you!!!