“You are going to die in exactly three months.” That’s what a doctor told me in a dream last week. Terrifying right? But let me give you a little background. For the past month, I’ve been struggling to find personal goals. Professional goals? I have a LAUNDRY list of those. But outside of getting married and having a family, I was struggling with my personal bucket list.


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A loud, jarring, unnerving alarm: that’s what the dream felt like. I woke up panicked, sweating, but with a completely different perspective. If I only had three months to live, how would I journey through life? What would I do to make these last few moments vibrant, unforgettable, and personally legendary?

Join a samba school and dance in Brazil’s carnival. Ok, so maybe I missed that by like 11 months. But guess what? It’s going on the list!

  • Learn martial arts
  • Take a daily gratitude walk outside rain or shine
  • Go out of my way to be kind to a stranger every day
  • Mentor another young woman in business and schedule weekly meetings with her…

For me, all of these actions make a life I can feel proud of on my deathbed. By overcoming fear and actively navigating my journey, I know the sweet taste of satisfaction will fill my last breaths. And that’s not to say life will be perfect. Tragedy is inescapable. However, having the mindset that everything will work out for you will help you sail more pleasantly through the darkest storms.


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Don’t get me wrong: long term goals are completely necessary. However, when you break your life into three month increments, it’s amazing how much easier it becomes to prioritize what’s truly important to you. Even your responsibilities can take on new meaning; or you might find some are totally self-imposed. Remember, when you let go of things that make you feel negatively, energy is freed up that allows positivity to replace it.

My dream about imminent death took me on a journey of self-reflection and I’m so grateful for it. I no longer highly prioritize some of my older obsessions and I’ve found a new respect for the relationships currently in my life. Whether I live three months or longer, everyday will be an expression of joy and gratefulness. I am determined to make that happen.


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How would you journey through your last three months of life?


Love you!!!


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