Fate: concrete, solid, written in stone. I believed in a pre-determined destiny. A destiny in which, one small mistake could set me back years, or even throw me off course entirely. Although I still believe in some aspects of fate, I now realize I can and should design my own life. Not only is it a lot more fun, the fulfillment and peace it brings is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Allow me to explain.





Failure. Unemployment. Depression. I battled all of it in the years leading to Kurly Klips. In this video, I talk about my life pre-Kurly Kurly Klips. Later on in the series, we’ll explore how these choices allowed me to attract more of what I want – both good and bad. I sincerely hope you find this topic interesting and applicable to your own life. Baring my soul publicly like this does make me feel a bit conscious, but it ultimately feels like the right thing to do. So I hope it touches someone out there! That is my biggest wish.