Every month, we highlight a superstar Kurly who is giving us serious hair envy. Meet Nailah from Detroit, MI who owns two sets of the Mermaid Fro. Whether she’s attending Fashion week in Seoul, or modeling across the globe, find out why Kurly Klips are her extensions of choice.



I try to treat the clips with the same care that I treat my own afro textured hair with. So I use my favorite conditioner Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner. I haven’t found a great shampoo that works well for my own hair or the clips yet. So right now I just buy the cheapest largest size shampoo because washing the mermaid fro clip-ins uses A LOT of product.


Nailah 1 Kurly Klips



Ideally, I would like to wash the clips once a week. But I can’t even accomplish this for my real hair. So I usually wash them once every 2-3 weeks. I follow Kurly Klips youtube video “How to wash clip-in hair extensions.” And to dry them, I hang them from my shower rod using pants hangers. I don’t comb or brush the clips. I finger detangle them while I wash them.


Nailah 2 Kurly Klips



My favorite memory while wearing Kurly Klips is attending Seoul Fashion Week SS 15 & FW 15. People in Korea have never really seen that hair texture so they were really excited and intrigued by my hair.


Nailah 3 Kurly Klips



Kurly Klips has given me the confidence I need to wear my hair natural. And not just my hair but also my face. I rarely wear makeup nowadays and I’m proud to walk around with bare face and natural hair. I was never an avid makeup wearer but I’m pretty known for rocking red lips everyday. But now I rarely even wear lipstick and I feel beautiful and confident about myself. But I’m not dependent on Kurly Klips. Kurly Klips gave me the push that I needed to see myself as beautiful in my own natural skin & hair but now nothing can change my image of myself. If I take my Kurly Klips out, I’m still beautiful. But I can’t thank Lana enough for creating these extensions! I’ve worn every kind of hairstyle. You name it & I’ve rocked it; Sew-ins, partial sew-ins, kinky twists, zillions, box braids, latch-hooks, Allen Iverson type braided hairstyles, short weave, long weave, etc. And when I would wear partial sew-ins, the fake straight hair never ever matched my straight hair. No matter what brand or texture I bought, my hair just wasn’t as straight as the fake hair and therefore didn’t match. You could clearly tell that I had extensions. But Kurly Klips matches my hair so incredibly well that its mind blowing! So thank you from the bottom of my heart Kurly Klips for pretty much changing my life.



Nailah, I just want to tell you that your post really touched my heart. I created Kurly Klips as a way to help me feel more comfortable with my natural hair – and like you – as that comfort grew, so did my confidence. I LOVE that you don’t feel dependent on Kurly Klips. That’s the way it should be. They’re just a way to have fun with your hair. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s so awesome to hear a Kurly vocalize what’s been in my heart for this company. Love you to pieces and from one sista girl to another, I’m so proud of you.

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Love you!!!