Ridiculously healthy hair: that’s the mission of the ladies over at Saving Our Strands. So when one of the blog’s founders KLP contacted us about reviewing Kurly Klips, we were thrilled. Healthy natural hair is one of our main missions as well. After a few months of testing, the results are in. And at first, we were scared… very scared.

The words that particularly stung…

“I was not impressed.”

KLP had made a common mistake we see from time to time. She had not visited are meticulously crafted YouTube channel. But after she did, unflattering sentiments turned into praise…

“I deleted my nice/nasty gram and sent Lana an OMG girl this is the ish gram.”

That’s exactly why her review is so helpful. She details how she easily made the product suit her taste.

And now, she’s a master at styling them. To be honest, we weren’t even surprised when she declared Kurly Klips: The World’s Most Versatile Protective Style EVER!




Why? Because we’ve known that all along.

So if you want to achieve these super cute styles, be sure to check out these gorgeous three tutorials on her blog.




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