Okay, so you have 4 inches of hair and you want to wear clip-ins. Traditionally, I would tell you to wait a little while longer for your hair to grow out. But Alissa Ashely stunned us on YouTube & Insta this week by doing the impossible using Kurly Klips hair.

The most remarkable part? This was her first time using clip-ins EVER. So if she can do it, ladies you can too!


Alissa Ashley Kurly Klips


Believe it or not, Alissa’s hair is completely braided. She’ll unravel one of the braids for her leave-out towards the end.

And this is where it gets CRAZY. She then applies her Kurly Klips vertically down her entire head. This is super unorthodox but it totally works!

To blend her shorter hair, she simply pins her leave-out underneath the extensions and voila! Natural looking length in minutes!

And for the full tutorial, be sure to check out the video below.

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