Hi Kurlies! I know the topic of this video sounds a little crazy, but hear me out! Using protective styles on your hair extensions can increase their lifespan – seriously. So if you’re not into buying hair extensions every three months, this tip is for you.



For those of you wear curly and afro-textured hair extensions, that wash and go life can be a struggle. You might feel like you have to co-wash often, especially if you want a super defined curl at all times. But think about it this way… Just as your natural hair needs a break from daily manipulation, your natural hair extensions do too.

Many of the tutorials on the Kurly Klips YouTube channel feature cute protective styles you can try – from buns to fishtail braids, the styling options are endless. Not only that, but incorporating styles like bantu knot-outs and braid-outs will cut down on maintenance as these types of curls generally last longer. Just be sure to use the right products to keep the hair soft and moisturized.

So please tell me what you think about protective styling with extensions! Is it totally crazy or are we on to something? Watch the vid and let us know if we made a strong case.

Also, if you’re interested in purchasing the hair in this video, I’m wearing the Mermaid Spirals and Jasmin is wearing the Mermaid Fro.

Hope this helps!