When we posted this picture of Mary, our IG went crazy! And apparently hers did too! She made her Kurly Klips look so believable, people were practically begging her to start a YouTube channel to learn her secrets. And guess what?! Mary was sweet enough to share!

We love this video for many reasons, but especially for the awesome tip she gives about keeping her ends healthy. The secret? PERM RODS. On just the ends! And it looks gorgeous on her braid-out. 

So many of you email in the Care Team with how to keep your ends manageable, and this is an excellent solution. To maximize moisture retention and minimize daily styling, we recommend Mary’s method of braiding the hair out, and setting the ends of perm rods. If you do it at night, your Kurly Klips should be beautiful and ready to go in the morning.




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Hopefully this was helpful! Let me know what you think!