Okay, ladies… so the time may come when you need to have a “sleepover” and you’ve been wearing your Kurly Klips clip-ins all day. What do you do when it’s time to go to bed? Do you take them out or keep them in? In this Quick Tips video, Jasmin and I share our opinions and suggestions. 



So here are some suggestions from the video:

  2. Leave the extensions in, but braid them or twist them up, so when you awake, your hair looks lovely.
  3. Get Whitley from a Different World on em’.  Take them out when your friend is sleeping and put them back in before he/she awakes.




So of course I wouldn’t leave you hanging without debating the pros and cons of each suggestion.


1 – Take Them Out

Pro = This one should be obvious. By taking the clips out, you are doing your natural hair a great service. Not only are you giving it a break from the day’s styling, but you’re also showing it the tender loving care it deserves. Keeping up with your sleep routine no matter what ensures healthy hair in the future. Sleepovers may come and go, but the hair on your head? That’s forever (well, until the growth cycle ends… but you know what we mean!)

Con = Another obvious one. Transitioning to a night routine could be pretty awkward, especially when the person isn’t expecting it. But here’s the way I think about – if you’re both spending the majority of the time eyes shut in dream land, is it really that big of a deal? I mean, as long as you take them out in private (the bathroom perhaps), and keep your PJs cute… it shouldn’t be that bad, right? No? Okay, moving down to the second option.


2 – Leave Them In & Braid Them Up

Pro = Your hair is gonna look FLY in the morning – especially if you put on a satin scarf to protect it from moisture zapping cotton pillows. Because you didn’t take the clip-ins out, there should be no initial shock or awkwardness, plus you can twist them up in a way that still looks cute.

Con =  You are doing your natural hair a disservice by not taking out the clips. Not only that, but if you’re a rough sleeper, you might even pull a clip out… OUCH! That right there might lead to damage. Is that one night worth it? Plus, you’re going to have to tell that person at some point right? No? Okay… then maybe the third option is for you.


3 – Get Whitley on a Different World on ‘Em

Pro = Let me set the scene: Whitley wants to look PERFECT for Dwayne at all times. So before he wakes up, she secretly brushes her teeth, puts on makeup, and fans her hair perfectly over the pillow. The pro of this maneuver is that with special ninja skills, you have total control of how you look in waking moments.

Con = Honestly, it sounds exhausting. Can you really rest well with the anxiety of monitoring someone else’s sleep? But girl, if you can clip-in and clip-out without detection, MORE POWER TO YOU. TV sitcoms aside, I just don’t know how achievable this is for many of us who need our beauty rest.




Whatever you decide to do, it’s all about YOUR comfort level. Just remember to consider the health of your hair with whatever decision you make.

What would YOU do?

Let me know in the comments!!!


Ps I’m wearing 2 sets of the Mermaid Spirals and Jasmine is wearing 2 sets of the Mermaid Fro, both from Kurly Klips of course!