My dearest Kurlies, I don’t know about you, but it’s warm outside and I’m ready to mix and mingle! Whether you’re headed to a barbecue, rooftop party, or wedding, stand-out in a really pretty way with hair accessories. Check out my latest haul from Forever 21 and Anthropologie

This video features four different looks: the romantic, the modern, the classic, and the bohemian. I paired them with the types of events I’ll be wearing them to. So let’s get started!


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THE ROMANTIC: I would totally rock this at one of DC’s many rooftop parties. Why? Because a rooftop party is the perfect venue to wear super trendy accessories. It’s all about self-expression at these events! So don’t be afraid to channel the party vibe of an open roof into a style that’s beautifully eye-catching.

Now, don’t kill me, but Forever 21 just removed the accessory we featured in the video from its site. However, I did find this Rhinestone Chain Headband that’s really similar and just as gorgeous.

Feeling a little avant-garde? Wear it to the front like I did in the video! For a more delicate look, simply remove the outer chains. It’s pretty easy to do and should take you two seconds.

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THE MODERN: I don’t know about you, but I love strolling through art galleries in the summer. This Polished Metal Cuff Barrette from Forever 21 is perfect for a late afternoon date at one of my favorite spots, the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden.

Not to mention, I love having this type of hair accessory around because it’ll pull together any look in a snap. LOL. Get it? It snaps together… in a snap… see what I did there… I’ll see myself out.


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THE CLASSIC: One word – weddings. Although I’m notorious for leaving a trail of hair pins everywhere I go, I will definitely not be losing the pins in this Markiza Mineral Bobby Set found at Anthro. Why? Well for 1) it’s 28 USD for a set of four and 2) they’re just so darn chic looking.

Do you see those stones? Those crystals? These pins are timeless. No matter what decade you’ll look at those wedding photos, you’ll always love the understated beauty these bobbies add to your tresses.


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THE BOHEMIAN: There is nothing like a laid-back summer cookout! And if there’s ever an occasion I like to feel bohemian, it’s when I have a 99% chance of squirting ketchup on my shirt.

This Floral-Draped Chain brought to you by Forever definitely has a very young, carefree type vibe and looks best with longer hair. So if you’re growing out your locks, be sure to add some Kurly Klips to get real value out of this accessory.



Feel free to watch my latest video to see what these accessories look like in person. Don’t worry, there’s no talking. Just some good music, a bit of posing, and the ever beautiful Mermaid Spirals collection from Kurly Klips.

Let me know which look is your fave and don’t forget to share with a friend!


Love you!!!