Clip-ins? How secure are they? Will they blow away in the wind? Will they fall out if you hang upside down? WHAT IF YOU GET THEM WET??? Antonia from the blog Un-Ruly put them to test in the gorgeous streets of Paris.

In her review, Antonia is wearing two sets of the Mermaid Fro. She says one set would have been enough for her whole head, but she decided to go with two for the va-va-volume!

And who can blame her! Y’all know I love a LARGE undefined afro – and Ms. Antonia sports it gloriously in beautiful Paris. Another interesting note: she’s has minimal leave-out on display. For those of you interested in wearing clip-ins as a protective style, take note! It can be done!

We consider her review helpful because she actually puts Kurly Klips to the test in a series of GIFS. How cool is that? We’ve got the screenshots for you below.

So listen up ladies!!!

Whether a strong wind comes and blows back your hair….



Or hanging upside down becomes incredibly important in the here and now…



Or if, GOD FORBID, somebody splashes water on you in the street…



Kurly Klips have you covered. They’re pretty much disaster proof. Just no street fights please!

So be sure to check out the GIFS in motion by heading over to Un-Ruly and reading Antonia’s post. And can we say, as a community, we are truly grateful for her contribution to science. Not everybody would put their Kurly Klips to the test like this. She is truly an angel among Kurlies.

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