There is nothing like a gorgeous head of 4c afro hair. And for a while, finding extensions to match that texture proved impossible. Finally, those days are long gone. Island Essence shows us how just one set of Kurly Klips blends with her beautiful head of tightly textured coils.

This review is so helpful for several reasons. The first reason: she’s applying clip-ins onto loose hair. On the Kurly Klips YouTube channel, we often give tutorials showing Jasmin clipping them onto braids. Please believe me when I say it’s totally your choice! Jasmin prefers clipping them onto braids, but you don’t have to. Island Essence shows us that it’s still completely possible to get a natural look without the braids.

It’s also helpful because it shows shrunken natural hair blending with Kurly Klips. Usually when I style my KKs, I do a twist-out or braid-out on my leave-out first to stretch it. But again, that’s just my preference. If your hair is long enough to lay on top of the tracks, you don’t have to manipulate it.

The final reason her review is so helpful is because it proves that Kurly Klips blends really well with undefined afro-textured hair. I keep trying to tell y’all: when in doubt, brush it out! I’m so happy Island Essence took my advice. She’s created a perfect texture match.



Get the look:

Island Essence brushed out her Shoulder Chic Fro to make the curls less defined. Although she didn’t mention it in the video, the curl pattern towards the bottom of her Kurly Klips suggests an unraveled chunky twist-out. After applying the clip-ins and separating them for a fuller look, she’s left with extensions that match her texture very well.

Our My Fro collection is so versatile. You can choose to wear it like Island Essence, or you can create super defined curls, or curls that have been set. It’s all about how you style the hair and the products you use on it.

So feel free to watch the video below to see how she puts her Kurly Klips in. Also be sure to follow Island Essence on her Youtube and Instagram. I hope you find it useful!